Arts Alive! Old Town, Eureka

Featured Local Artist:  Each month we feature a different local artist to display within the Cafe' Nooner in Old Town.  We also feauture artistic works at Cafe Nooner Too! in Henderson Center.  These pictures once graced our walls in Old Town, where we featured an All Star tribute to former Humboldt County resident, now mega celebrity chef Guy Fieri who spent a little time here in Humboldt and at Cafe Nooner November 2013.  These are some great pieces by various local artists, 3 of which are done by Cafe Nooner employees Chris, Julie & Kris.  Enjoy!



Featured Musicians:  Our favorite group of musicians are Jim Silva and John Myers!  We love them so much that we've invited them back to play pretty much forever!  Beautiful harmonies and dual accoustic guitars make for an amazing experience! (NOTICE: We regretfully had to discontinue our "live music" during Art's Alive in 2018, but leave this up as a great memory and thanks to you boys!)


 Here they are at the Cafe' Nooner during Arts! Alive on April 5, 2012 performing "Alcohol"

(Video Courtesy of Riley Quarles)


And "It Keeps On Rainin'"

 (Video Courtesy of Riley Quarles)



Artists:  If you are a local artist and would like to have your art displayed by the Cafe' Nooner in Old Town or the Cafe' Nooner Too! in Henderson Center, please submit a request from our "Contact Us" page and we'll get back to you with the details and requirements.  We display roughly 10 pieces of small to medium size (on the walls) and have a small area in the front window for free standing sculpture in Old Town and currently have about the same amount of space in our coffee shop side of Cafe Nooner Too! in Henderson Center.


Musicians:  We regret, due to the high costs of music licensing from ASCAP, BMI and SEASAC, that we no longer have live music during Art's Alive, sorry folks.