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Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to support your local cause. We ask that you please complete this form before we can consider any donation. ***ALL DONATION REQUESTS MUST BE MADE THROUGH THIS WEBSITE FORM IN ORDER TO BE CONSIDERED.*** PLEASE do not call the cafes regarding status of donation requests.

All donation requests will be reviewed within two weeks. The organization requesting the donation will be contacted by email only if the request is approved.  Due to the amount of donation requests we receive, we can no longer respond to those we, unfortunately decline.

Cafe Nooner Enterprises, Inc. DONATION AND BULLETIN BOARD(S) POSTING POLICY:  Cafe Nooner Enterprises, Inc. receives, frankly, a lot of donation requests. We wish we could donate to everyone, but reality dictates that we be prudent as a matter of business.  We have an allotted budget for donations per month for local donation requests.  We can only donate to local causes or larger regional or national causes with a direct local impact.  We can only donate Promotional Coupons, good at both cafes to be used in fundraising efforts for local drawings, silent auctions, raffles etc.  The Promotional Coupons expire 1 YEAR from date of issuance.  Sorry, but WE ARE UNABLE TO DONATE CASH, no exceptions.  Groups requesting donations must be supporting the needs of our local residents, especially children, the elderly and those less fortunate.  CAFE NOONER ENTERPRISES, INC. IS NOT ABLE TO SUPPORT ANY POLITICAL GROUP, CANDIDACY OR CAUSE via donations or through the use of either of our community bulletin boards.  Both of our cafes have bulletin board areas where we allow posters and flyers of local events to be posted.   CAFE NOONER ENTERPRISES, INC. RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REMOVE ANY ARTICLE NOT COMPLYING WITH OUR POLICY.  POSTING OF EVENTS IS BY PERMISSION ONLY AND ON A PER ARTICLE BASIS.

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