• Fresh, Good Food

We believe in fresh, good food.  We make food that you want to eat, food we would (and do) serve to our family and friends.

We believe that locally sourced products are good for our health, our community, our economy and the planet, so we prefer quality local products.

We understand that not all of us can eat everything.  We have many vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options on our menu. Our staff is knowledgeable and can help find menu items that meet your needs.


About Joe & Lorrena

Cafe Nooner Enterprises's founding and managing owners, Humboldt County natives Joe & Lorrena Filgas  began their ultimate dream in November of 2011 when they took over the Cafe' Nooner.  The cafe had been established since 2008 and earned a loyal customer following for spectacular, fresh food and great service.  Both Joe & Lorrena had some restaurant experience in the late 70's to mid 80's (but never ran or owned one) followed by years of business management.  In fact, they met each other in 1984 while working together at Stanton's Barn  in McKinleyville, CA.  The following year they married and the picture you see below (at the end of the entire text) was taken in Kona Hawaii on their 25th wedding anniversary August 17, 2010.  After a 26 year-long career in the medical field, Lorrena became her own boss at the Cafe' Nooner in Old Town, Eureka. She now spends her time creating new recipes, soups and other fancy creations offering them up to anxiously awaiting customers and friends along with appearing on Food Network's  top rated show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives with celebrity chef and host Guy Fieri ("Dynamite Duos" Season 19, Episode 5 (DV1905H) original airdate March 7, 2014  AND AGAIN on an hour-long special entitled "Extra Helpings", Season 23, Episode 16 (DVSP38H) original airdate November 26, 2015).  Oh, and managing two growing restaurants in her spare time.

Restaurants go way back in the Filgas family.  Joe's namesake, his Grandpa Joe and Grandma Frances owned and operated the Samoa Cookhouse  in the early 50's.  They had actually worked there since the late 20's after immigrating from Czechoslovakia to the United States.  If you visit the Samoa Cookhouse today and view the large pictures in the Museum you'll see Grandpa Joe and Grandma Frances working the Cookhouse.  Joe's Dad Milton, his Uncle Bob, and Aunt Marguerite all grew up at this location living in the small house that still remains. 

After working in the Land Title Insurance Industry for 26 years followed by a short stint in Television advertising,  Joe joined his bride in the family business full time on June 2, 2012 building their second cafe with the help of many and especially with the help of our friends Rich and Carolyn Sasek, who drove all the way out from Texas to help us! It was completed and opened as Cafe Nooner Too! @ 2910 E (Grotto & E) in friendly Henderson Center, Eureka on December 3, 2012. Joe has now joined Lorrena in managing both cafes, handling all of the company's local and national marketing.  Cafe Nooner L.L.C. was established in July of 2013 followed by the establishment of Cafe Nooner Enterprises, Inc. in December of 2014.  

Lorrena's initial cooking roots are courtesy of her mother, Susan (Baumeister) Harper.  Along with her father Gary Harper, Lorrena grew up in a household with her younger brother Will, where hearty recipes were born and creativity was a must!  Wild fish, game and fresh vegetables from the garden were commonplace.  Over the years she has honed her culinary skills by sheer determination; creating spectacular new dishes for friends and family!  And as they say...the rest is history!

They are active in the local community and support many local causes and charities and are members of the Eureka Chamber of Commerce, Eureka Main Street and the Henderson Center Merchants Association.  Joe has been a member of the Henderson Center Kiwanis Club during the years 2002-2017 and has volunteered many hours over the years serving the youth and elderly of this community through various club service projects.  They understand that our community is what we all make of it and strive to give or serve at every opportunity.  Joe also has joined Eureka Mainstreet as a Board Member in January 2015- early 2018 and served as Board President during the early portion of 2018.

In 2014, Cafe Nooner Enterprises, Inc. formed a culinary partnership with another local company, Humboldt Hotsauce with Cal & Heidi Ferris to produce our cafes' signature "Smokin' Hot Nooner Sauce!"  Currently, available at either cafe, Eureka Natural Foods in both Eureka and McKinleyville, The Co-Op in both Eureka and Arcata, Murphy's Markets locations and in other stores which offer locally made products.  We love partnering with other local, family run businesses...we're all in this together!

On January 1, 2017 Lorrena became the CEO of Cafe Nooner Enterprises, Inc.  Former CEO and partner, Joe will remain with the company overseeing the company's marketing, special projects and governmental relations.

On March 12, 2018 Cafe Nooner Enterprises launched their long awaited in-house/out-of-house full on catering services.

Who knows what the future holds in store......the sky's the limit and they invite you along to experience the ride! Eat well friends! :)  Lorrena & Joe Filgas

SAD NEWS:  Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 we were forced to make some very tough decisions to survive.  As of June 2020 we have permanantly closed our Old Town location, and have suspended our catering operations indefinately.  We are currently consolidating all of our talent and operations into our Cafe Nooner location in friendly Henderson Center, Eureka at 2910 E. Street.  Keep an eye on us because we're just having to re-invent our business model.  Exciting changes and additions are on the horizon for 2021 and beyond!  We're here to stay!

(Photo Credit: Photography by Glen; Glen Dohoi, Kona, Hawaii)

During the August 2012 Arts Alive John Myers and Jim Silva were kind enough to perform a little song I wrote for Lorrena awhile back in celebration of our 27th wedding anniversary!   Thanks John & Jim! :)  You guys rock!!!

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